Floor Coverings International Oregon City is entranced by the strong natural ambience of true hardwood. There’s no denying the historical presence of hardwood flooring in America. Its solid foundational presence has been graced by the boots of many pioneers past! Today there are alternatives to hardwood like vinyl and laminate, which can provide a similar aesthetic. If you’re thinking about wood-look flooring for your home in the Oregon City area, consider this comparison and see how the different wood-look styles stack up!

Oregon City hardwood laminate vinyl


Wood-look laminate offers a visual approximation of hardwood that might convince onlookers from a distance. Up close, however, laminate flooring is distinct from hardwood. The pattern of a laminate floor is imprinted onto the planks and is typically identical throughout. This is in stark contrast to the tremendous variation found in hardwood flooring, with which you can expect unique individual planks.

Laminate flooring requires less care overall and is far less susceptible to water damage or scratching. In the event that laminate is damaged, it cannot be sanded or refinished like hardwood – the damaged floor section must be replaced. Properly maintained hardwood has a significantly longer lifespan than laminate, although it demands greater levels of upkeep. Laminate is nearly always less expensive to have installed than hardwood, but cost of potential reinstallation might be an important factor in this.


Like laminate, vinyl is less expensive than hardwood and it tends not to last as long. However, one special feature of vinyl is that it can convincingly imitate hardwood flooring! Thanks to technological advancements in floor material production, it is only with close examination that the two can be told apart. Vinyl is generally more resilient than hardwood, requiring significantly less upkeep. It will typically come with a layer of rubber backing that makes it a quieter option than notoriously creaky hardwood.

Like laminate, though, vinyl cannot be repaired when damaged and will require replacing. Neither laminate nor vinyl will impact the resale value of a home in which they are installed, but good-quality hardwood often enhances the cost value of a home.

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