white oak floor Oregon CityYou don’t need to be an expert on tree identification or hardwood installation in order to have beautiful floors—that’s what we’re here for! At Floor Coverings International Oregon City, our goal is to educate our Oregon City neighbors about hardwood flooring so that each family can make an informed choice about what’s best for their home.

Today we’re looking at one specific species of hardwood that’s remained popular among Oregon City homeowners for decades. White oak is a beautiful, extremely sturdy option for your floors, and in this article we’ll provide some essential information about the wood. After you finish reading, you’ll know whether or not it’s a viable option for your home. Let’s get started!

White Oak Hardwood

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Along with its cousin, red oak, white oak (Quercus alba) is one of the most popular species of wood for flooring in the United States.

From the genus Quercus, white oak is just one of the hundreds of species of oak that grows in North America. These are towering, truly magnificent trees, and they’re resilient enough that they can survive in climates everywhere from Ontario to Florida.

White oak is a favorite material for woodworkers and builders because it has an impressive Janka rating of 1,360, and it has a unique, lively appearance. White oak has been used for sporting equipment, shipbuilding, construction, musical instruments, and the production of wine and whiskey.

Is White Oak Hardwood Right For Your Floors?

white oak hardwood flooring Oregon City

Here are some of the reasons you might choose white oak hardwood for the floors in your Oregon City home:

  • Straight grain and light hues can complement any interior.
  • Extremely temperature and moisture stable—great for homes in areas with dramatic seasonal climate shifts.
  • Exceptional durability with a Janka rating of 1,360. Resists scratches, scrapes, and dents.
  • Many on-site finishing options, such as brushing and hand-scraping, can highlight the raised grain and light tones of the wood.
  • Use in a room that doesn’t get much light or to contrast dark furniture, wall colors, or rugs.
  • Minimalist look and easy maintenance makes this a great choice for contemporary commercial flooring.

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